Expanding Your Vision

So I know this post is a little later than usual BUT better late than never eh? This week I really struggled with what to share. I had no inspiration, no moment of clarity, nothing sparked my creative juices, so rather than writing something for the sake of writing I chose to wait it out. I’m so glad I did! Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places, it comes when you step outside of your routine, step outside of your own environment and outside of yourself to take in new experiences.

art fightImage from Kayvon Kelly & Pippa Mackie the creators of this awesome event!

That is exactly what I did last night! I got an invite to this event that was happening for the first time called Art Fight held at Little Mountain Gallery – an event where artists would “duke” it out to see who came out on top – one stage, one theme, one hour, and four competitors. A Writer, a Musician, a Painter, and 3 Actors (because they “equal” one “artist”) would be given the same theme and they had one hour to come up with a piece to share and be judged by the audience. There was a twist as well, every 15 minutes they were given a wildcard suggestion that they had to incorporate into their pieces. It was such a unique experience to watch other artists’ creative process – how they develop their pieces, how they enter into the “zone” to create, how they tune out the world and allow themselves to pour out what’s inside. It was such a BRAVE thing to do! To create something, share a part of themselves with over 100 people! Not only to create something to be judged but to let those who will judge see them as they create. I was blown away not only by their incredible talent (which was ridiculously awesome!), but also by their vulnerability and willingness to be seen.

Pic 6Writer  – RC Weslowski

Pic 7Musician – Anton Lipovetsky

Pic 4Painter – Michael Bock

Pic 1Actors – Emmelia Gordon, John Voth, & Kayla Deorksen  ©NLaug

Last night’s theme was “Better the Devil You Know, Than the Devil You Don’t”. The twists thrown in by the wildcards – An object in the room: the Tattered Roof, An event in history: The Battle of Trafalgar, , A smell: the scent of a fresh page of paper. The Competitors were: Writer  – RC Weslowski, Musician – Anton Lipovetsky, Painter – Michael Bock, and Actors – Emmelia Gordon, John Voth, & Kayla Deorksen. The prize for winning this amazing competition – $50 and bottle of Maple Syrup – plus bragging rights of course! Honestly it is an event that I will not soon forget and one that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end! The competitor that came out on top last night was the underdogs – The Actors!! The way that they created something out of nothing, something that was personal, funny, and so touching – using NO PROPS – was just profound.

Pic 9Michael Bock’s painting was pretty stunning! Just amazed at the work he produced in only an hour!


Pic 3Anton’s song was awesome! I found myself singing it in my head long after it was over!

Pic 2Our hilarious hosts! They did such a great job!

Pic 10The loot: $50, Maple Syrup & unlimited bragging rights!

Pic 11Our Champions the Actors!

Sometimes we get stuck in ruts, we do the same thing day in and day out and wonder why we can’t catch a break. It is our vision or rather, our lack of vision for our lives that hold us back. When we don’t make that leap of faith to step outside of our environments, to step outside of ourselves, and embrace the possibilities we miss out. God has an incredible plan for our lives, He gave us each unique gifts and abilities and it is only us that hold ourselves back! “Better the Devil you know, than the Devil you don’t” often feels true, feels safer somehow. But how about we expand our vision, expand our surroundings, expand our faith and take a leap – break free from the Devil you know. He is no good! He holds you back and feeds the lies you believe about yourself so you stay small and contained. So I challenge you to break free of the devil you know, to take a leap of faith and expand your vision. Break out of your routine and try something new, challenge yourself and the vision you have for your life. Ask questions and seek answers. Find new creative ways to express yourself and share them with others to gain new perspectives.

Pic 8Open mic – “Open yourself up to possibilities”  ©NLaug

Pic 13Little Mountain Gallery ©NLaug

Pic 12Agreed! ©NLaug

I hope this week brings you new opportunities to break free!


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