iPhoneography I HEART U!

OK, so this week I decided to write about iPhoneography! This is something that is a fast growing and a new creative outlet for photographers at all levels – and one that I’m quickly becoming addicted to! I’m pretty new to the whole “iPhone world”/smart phone community, as up until 3 weeks ago I still had an old-school flip phone…yep, a crazer! I was pretty determined to hold-out as long as possible, I wanted to cling to my old-school ways and not become one of those people glued to their phones at all hours of the day. I like having conversations face to face, without the distractions of FB & Words with Friends getting in the way. I love NOT being available ALL the TIME! We all need to take a beat every once in a while and disconnect from the our “virtual” communities – embrace the actually-present in-the-flesh people around us! Needless to say all my reasons, as valid as they are, gave way to convenience & the intrigue of apps…and my phone died!

As I looked into getting a new “smart” phone, I had to determine what I wanted to use it for. What was I wanting out of a phone besides call & text?? The first thing that came to mind was a camera – and right after that Instagram! While I was in Australia my best friend had her iPhone with her EVERYWHERE! We would have photo shoots EVERYWHERE! We could instantly share with the “world” what we were doing and how much fun we were having. It was just so convenient and small enough that it fit in your pocket! That appealed to me so much that before I had thought about it too hard I was already an iPhone person. So now I’m the proud owner of an iPhone 5 and am in-love with the wonderful world of photography apps! It is a little overwhelming at first, with ALL the options out there, but honestly it is so much FUN! It really was easy to pick up, and believe me I’m technology-challenged, all you have to do is play with the photo in whatever app you choose until you like it!

So here are some of my favorite photography apps I use BEFORE I Instagram:

Snapseed – It’s pretty user friendly and has some great tools to help enhance your photos plus you can share them right away! Find it @ https://itunes.apple.com/app/id439438619

Here are some of my faves:

photo(8)“Looking Up” ©NLaug2013

photo(6)“End of the Day” ©NLaug2013

photo(4)“Clouds” ©NLaug2013

Aviary – I use this one probably the most because it is so SO user friendly and has a lot of adjustments that you can control. Plus I love the effects! AND it’s FREE! Find it @ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/photo-editor-by-aviary/id527445936?mt=8

Here are some of my faves:

photo(11)“chicken enchiladas = best dinner EVER” ©NLaug2013

photo(10)“Journey” ©NLaug2013

photo(9)“Daydreaming” ©NLaug2013

photo(7)“Hope Springs” ©NLaug2013

photo(14)“Reflection” ©NLaug2013

photo(15)“Cuddles” ©NLaug2013

BeFunky – This is another FREE app that is super fun and easy to use to tweak your photos before Instagram – I love Instagram but I find the effects limiting so I love editing them BEFORE :). Find it @ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/befunky-photo-editor/id442716817?mt=8

Here are some of my faves:

397512_10151399445991343_659808929_n“Breakfast of Champions” ©NLaug2013

photo(12)“beauty in unexpected places” ©NLaug2013

photo(3)“kickin’ it old-school” ©NLaug2013

photo(16)“Snuggles” ©NLaug2013

Overgram – This one is also FREE and it has the ability to take your edited photo and add text in several fonts – you can choose the color of the script and where it gets placed. Really REALLY easy and FUN! Takes your Instagrams up a notch with a personal touch! Find it @ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/overgram-add-text-captions/id574443485?mt=8

Here are some of my faves:



Percolator – This app costs I believe $1.99, but it’s worth it if you like to take lots of photos and want something different! It is just so creative and has unlimited possibilities for any photo. You have a lot of control for how much you want to distort your image – you can make it totally abstract or just soften it and give it a dreamy-like quality 🙂 Find it @ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/percolator/id385454903?mt=8

Here are some of my faves:

Brewed in Percolator“Mmmm” ©NLaug2013

Brewed in Percolator“One Day” ©NLaug2013

TapFX – I JUST bought this one yesterday – it is really fun and super easy! It has so SO MANY cool effects that you just tap onto your photo. I LOVE it! Here is one I just did to show you – I added a dreamy filter and then tapped on some love hearts (you could adjust the size and opacity of the effect). Find it @ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/tapfx/id561438869?mt=8

photo“Love is in the Air” ©NLaug2013

This is just a novice opinion of a 3-week old iPhoneography junky!! Please share with me your favorite photography apps and any tips! I would LOVE any feedback 🙂



PS, my Instagram name is lilnaph if you’re interested in following me 🙂


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