A Sunday Mornington Adventure


A couple of years ago a dear friend sent me a calendar with photos of Australia’s beaches as a way inspire me to come and visit – obviously it worked – well one of the photos was of these painted bathing houses along the Mornington Peninsula. Ever since I saw that photo I wanted to go to there! I wanted to sit on that peaceful beach watch the waves roll in gently and photograph all the colorful beach huts! So obviously I was determined to make my way there while visiting Melbourne. I went on a Sunday, and the weather was miraculously stable and mild, there were perfect swooping clouds against the blue sky, the sun was warm but not hot, and there was a light breeze that felt marvelous.


I waited until the night before I was going to look up directions, typical me, and was a bit surprised that it would take me over 3 1/2 hours to get there by tram, train and bus. But like I said I was determined so I loaded up MyKi card with enough money for the journey, packed an apple and a book and bought a coffee (obviously!) to help me get there alert. I headed out straight after church, and only had to wait for half an hour for the next train to Frankston where I would take a bus the rest of the way. I felt lighthearted and full of excitement at finally making my way into that picture on my wall! This did not dissipate when there was a delay on the train due to another train being off schedule, nor did it go away when the bus broke down on my way there. I was a bit surprised at myself for my awesome attitude – normally I would have felt frustrated and annoyed at these delays and interruptions but there is something about being away from your normal self that allows you to let go of those emotions – they won’t make the train go faster or fix the bus! So you simply embrace these changes, strike up a conversation with the bus driver, soak up some perfect rays while waiting for the next bus and laugh at life! You’ll get there eventually so why not enjoy the journey to there?




Once I finally arrived in Mornington I walked down Main Street to the park, along the pier and down the cliff side to beach below. What I found stopped me in my tracks…or rather lack of what I found – there where only 5 beach huts! Not at all the picture I had on my wall OR in my head for the last couple of years! Once I got past my initial shock and disappointment I looked around. The beach was very small but beautiful and so peaceful. I looked at the beach huts, I looked at the water, I looked at the perfect late afternoon light and I took out my camera. I was going to just embrace what I had in front of me. And then I turned around and in front of me (and the best beach hut) was an old man sun bathing in a speedo so I laughed and said ‘Hello’. We had the coolest conversation about life and travel AND best of all he told me that just around the next cliff side was a larger beach with HEAPS of the little beach huts!! Lucky DAY!!



So as I made my way to the next beach over the cliffs I thanked God for each moment that lead me to this place of peace and joy! Each painstaking moment over the last several years, each hiccup in “the plan”, each time I accepted & embraced the fact that I am not in control of any of it really! For helping me embrace life again and to let go of fear & doubt, and to just enjoy now. It was absolutely the most perfect day and one I will never forget! As I took in a deep beautiful breath, I looked down at the beach and all the little huts and all the families and all the LIFE happening – it was incredible. I spent a good hour or two wandering around all the huts, taking a million photos and stopping to just soak it all in.









I would have gladly spent forever sitting on that beach reflecting on God’s grace & this crazy beautiful life we are given, BUT my stomach was empty and not to be ignored. So I made my way back to Main Street and followed my nose and it lead me to this wonderful place called “10 on Main Pizza House”…I am a pizza addict! So this just made my whole magical day feel even more magical! I had the “Mornington Special” obviously, and it was one of the most DELICIOUS pizzas I’ve ever had! No joke, go there if you ever are in Mornington! The staff are delightful and I had one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with one of them – I got to share my most perfect day with someone else, and that in itself is a gift. And I get to share it again with you! I got to feel all that goodness flow all through me again as I recounted that day so THANK-YOU! I hope this inspires you to go find your perfect day or relive it again!





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