Byron Bay you made my DAY!

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This week a couple of my friends and I went to Byron Bay for the day! It was such a great day! It is just beautiful there. It has a gorgeous lighthouse up on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the most spectacular views! Not even the overcast day could take them away! The Lighthouse was so cute too, it was white with blue trim and had a cute little care-takers house with the history of the lighthouse, plus there were tours and you could climb to the top and see the views from the best vantage point. There were even a bunch of hang-gliders flying through the air over the cliffs – sometimes they were so low they took my breath away! We hiked down to the ‘Most Easterly Point of Australia’ and all the way to the ocean from the lighthouse – it was quite steep and we all were a bit puffed by the time we got back up to the top!

After spending a few hours up at the Lighthouse and hiking around the cliffs we headed back in to town for some lunch at the local pub! We ate outside on the deck with views of the beach while we enjoyed our food and good conversation! I had the beach burger with chips, it was pretty yummy!! Just FYI, in Australia all burgers are served with beet root on them – I normally hate beets but have strangely grown to love them on my burgers! Once we finished our leisurely lunch we wandered around all the local shops and did a bit of souvenir shopping! They have heaps of cute little shops and everywhere along the beach they have surf board, bike, and kayak rentals & lessons so there is plenty to do in Byron!

Later we spent the rest of our afternoon on the beach with some ice-cream and a brief dip in the ocean! The current was sooooo STRONG! It was a leg workout just walking back up to shore. Every few minutes we would hear the sound of bells in a strange little tune and then a voice calling out “Fresh Coconuts” – he was selling them from his bike – it was so tropical and made us feel like we were on holidays somewhere else for the day! All in all it was the perfect day and I would highly recommend going and visiting Byron if you ever come to Australia’s East Coast! Up next I have a trip to the Great Barrier Reef this weekend, so stay tuned for some awesome photos and some new adventures!




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