Crikey Mate!

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been having some internet uploading issues at the moment so this post is from last week, but don’t worry I’ll make it up to you and do a double post this week – keep a look out! Too easy!

So last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to meet some fellow Canadians (and one French man) and go with them to see some of the Sunshine Coast! It was such a blessing to hang out with people with the SAME accent as me (minus our Frenchy, but his accent was nice too!) and laugh about all the things that are different than back home. We made a full weekend of the Sunny Coast too, trying to fit in as much as possible! We even made a game of trying to pronounce all the funny names on the road signs along the way, and teaching those newer to Aus the local slang.

DAY 1: We did Eumundi Markets in the morning, followed by Noosa Beach for the arvo, then a quick “bush-walk” (what we at home would call a hike) up to Noosa Head. Eumundi Markets are so cool, they are one of the largest outdoor markets I have ever been too and there is literally something for everyone! Heaps of stalls with unique treasures and fun new foods to try! Noosa was gorgeous! The weather was a bit funny, it rained all morning on and off and by the time we arrived at the beach the sun had come out with a vengeance! Perfect beach weather, and the water was just the right temperature for a swim! We stayed at a great hostel nearby and had a feast for dinner at a local Moroccan Restaurant. Mmmmm! So good!! I am in love with Moroccan food, the couscous and interesting flavor combinations are to die for!

DAY 2: Was all about Australia Zoo mate, it is one of the BEST zoos to go and see too. Home of the Crocodile Hunter it really pays homage to the spirit and passion of Steve Irwin. His life’s work is everywhere you look and all the zoo keepers are just as passionate about the animals they work with and educating others about them. There were so MANY different animals too! I got to meet and feed an elephant! One of my all time favourite animals and I was just as excited as the kids in line ahead of me! It felt funny to have the food snatched up with its trunk, and it was surprisingly slobbery and dry/rough all at the same time! I got to have a cuddle with a koala – “cute as” – I nearly died from cuteness overload!! We spent heaps of time in “Roo Heaven” where we bought Kangaroo food and fed as many roos as possible and looked for any little joeys…sadly we didn’t spot any little joeys, BUT had fun anyways.

All in all it was such a great weekend! It was a weekend full of laughter and for many a weekend of firsts! First TIM-TAM-SLAM, first taste of Vegemite (a VERY Aussie thing that has quickly become one of my favourites on toast for breakie), first time at Australia Zoo, first time to the Sunshine Coast and Eumundi Markets, etc. It was so much fun meeting some new friends and making new memories that I’ll take with me back home!



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