Bondi to the “Creative” Rescue!

While in Sydney I had the chance to go to Bondi Beach and see ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ and I took it! I went with a friend I met while in Sydney and we were in AWE of the talent that was present. Seriously any time I can go and view others art work I take it, it gives me inspiration and gets my creative juices flowing! I love the freedom to think outside the box, to see things from different perspectives and to be challenged. It just somehow feeds my soul, I feel more alive when I’m surrounded by creativity and CREATION!

We had again the most perfect weather, not too hot and a gorgeous breeze (funny how it’s either perfect or the exact opposite – no in-between!). We decided to have a picnic lunch at Bondi Beach before we made the trek up the Cliffside, and just enjoy the sun shining down on us and the beautiful views of Bondi. It’s a nice beach, but not nearly as big as I had pictured, and when compared to the beaches on the GC it is a little lacking. But that being said, it held a different kind of beauty than on the GC, it was more rugged with the rocks and cliffs surrounding it and was stunning in its own right.

Honestly, Australia is doing it right when it comes to these sculpture events! They couldn’t have a more perfect backdrop to display these pieces than the gorgeous cliff walk beginning at Bondi Beach right along to Tamarama Beach. If you ever get the chance to go I would highly recommend it!! Plus it’s free, can’t go wrong there right?! Sculpture by the Sea is quite a large event, and I was quite impressed with the number and variety of pieces that were present! My favourites were the ones that had a sense of humour with them, that were a bit cheeky J. But there was something for everybody, big & small, young & old! Plus they had food vendors as well just in case the long walk made you a bit peckish – which it does by the end!

I couldn’t get over the views!! I took close to 400 photos, don’t worry I won’t make you look at ALL of them J. It was just one of the most stunning locations and I was so SOOOO impressed with the art pieces and how they embraced their locations! At the top of the cliff there was a tent that housed close to 100 smaller in scale sculptures (at least it felt like that many!). These were in some cases more intricate and needed to be viewed away from any distractions, where they could be appreciated better. Also I have a feeling some of them needed to be stored inside away from the wind and rain that literally could come along at any moment in Sydney!

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Anyways, Sydney was definitely worth the trip and I will hold all the memories and new friends I’ve made close in my heart long after I leave Aus! Thanks Sydney, and thanks to my new friends for making it unforgettable! Well now that I’m back “home” on the GC I have a few more sights I want to see including the Sunshine coast, Australia Zoo, Byron Bay, and of course the Great Barrier Reef! I also have Melbourne in my sights and if I can swing it Great Ocean Road! There are just too many activities & amazing places…and not enough time! We’ll see what I can achieve so stay tuned for some more fun adventures!




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