Taronga Zoo Anyone?

the VIEW!

So I had the opportunity to check out Taronga Zoo while I was in Sydney and it was A-MAH-ZING! Seriously, the views alone from the island are worth the price you pay to get in!! The giraffes have the best view of the city by far! I couldn’t believe how big the zoo was either, I had only planned on spending a few hours at the zoo – thinking it wouldn’t take that long to get through all the exhibits – BUT I was wrong! I had to make time to see all the animals and fit in the cool live shows plus leave time for a leisurely lunch in between all that of course (it’s always about the food!).

All day long I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the views were! They had a cable car that took you over the whole zoo so I rode that several times just to take it all in, plus it was free with the purchase of your ticket so why not? I was very impressed with the variety of animals they had too, not just Australian animals but rescued animals from all over! They had gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, lions, snow leopards, zebras (pronounced zeh-bra as apposed to zee-bra here in Aus), giraffes, penguins, sea lions, elephants, and one of my most favorites – a pigmy hippopotamus! It was seriously the CUTEST thing ever!! And heaps more!!

The live shows were awesome! The free-flight bird show was CRAY-CRAY! I’m not a bird person in the least so I was a bit wary at first, but by the end was amazed by the variety of birds in the show and their talents! The birds literally would swoop down over the audience, and at one point I had to duck real fast as a black cockatoo flew right towards me– they really should give more of a heads up! Although I should have been paying more attention outside the lens of my camera as that’s what nearly got me in trouble! They even trained one bird to take gold coins from audience members! Haha!

The Elephant show was great as well! I just LOVE elephants! They had their play time just after lunch and it was so cool to watch these giant animals at play! There were 6 of them, 4 females and 2 babies, and they stood on their back legs, played soccer with a giant ball, and lifted logs. They are all rescue elephants from India & Nepal, except for the babies, and so they undergo a bit of rehabilitation. They were just gorgeous creatures and seemed to respond well to their trainers.

My favorite show however, was the sea lion show! I just adore these animals, it takes me back to when I was little and would go to Sea World every year on my birthday – I wanted to be a marine biologist and train sea lions and dolphins! Seriously I was obsessed! Still am a bit, and just got lost in the show – they had 3 sea lions, all different breads and they were so much fun to watch! They have such personalities! Plus the shows are very educational and promote awareness for keeping natural habitats safe places. My favorite sea lion was the California sea lion named Michi! He was gorgeous and very playful! He reminded me of Andre – did you ever see that movie? It was made in the late 90’s and was about this little girl who found a sea lion and named him Andre and they had all these adventures!

Such a beautiful day! I would recommend going just for the views of the city, and if you’re an animal lover then check it out! They have lots of opportunities for up-close encounters with the animals, of course most are at extra cost but the Australian walk-about is free to enter and they have wallabies and emus and other animals roaming free so lots of photo ops available. You can bring a lunch with you, but there are lots of options for food to purchase as well, so it’s up to your budget really.


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