Lost in Sydney

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This past week I’ve been in Sydney and for most of it unfortunately I’ve spent inside with a cold/flu! At least that’s how it started, but 7 days later and it’s turned into Tonsillitis!! UGH! At least I’ve only missed cold rainy weather! I blame the quick change in weather – day 1 was 32°F beautiful and sunny, and then quite suddenly it dropped to 17°F grey and raining within about 36 hours! I also must confess I am the worst at being sick…I just need to ‘winge’ and have sympathy. It was probably my lowest moment since coming here, because I was all alone while being sick and that was when it hit me how far away I was from home. How much I missed my family and mum’s chicken soup!! I actually Skyped home and cried – and my parents did what they always do. They comforted me – even from a MILLION miles away, they made me laugh at myself for being such a suck, and they told me everything was going to be just fine. And it is, but seriously not fun to spend 3 days alone and sick…the first day sucks cause you’re so miserable and then day two you sleep through most of, but by day three you ache to talk to someone and have someone there to take care of you. Day three was Thanksgiving back home. I think that made it worse in a way, everyone was busy and away and I couldn’t Skype home L! But I did find some peace in the fact that I wasn’t truly alone, and when I needed something God came through gave me the strength to do it or just gave me the ability to breathe through a blocked nose so I could sleep!! Despite being sick for the majority of this past week, I will say this about Sydney – it is pretty awesome and its people are lovely!

DAY 1 was pretty good though: Within an hour of arriving into the city I got down to exploring! I got an all zone pass – best thing ever! Can use it on all public transport including busses, trains and ferries! I got a map and just wandered and enjoyed every minute of it! I saw the Paddy Markets, those were pretty cool – a cross between our flea markets at home and the Seattle Public Market.  I made my way to the newly improved Darling Harbour, so gorgeous! I could have spent the whole day wandering there! So many shops and cafes and fun park elements! I took a ferry to Circular Quay and wandered around there and grabbed lunch from a little deli and ate outside the famous Sydney Opera House!! Crazy! And the view from there is amazing! You can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and watch as people bravely climb across the top of it! It’s pretty awesome and surreal to see it in person after seeing them in photographs and movies for years!! There were so many times I wanted to just pinch myself, even though I’ve been here for over a month I still can’t believe sometimes that I am here and this is real!

After lunch I wandered around the gardens in the park and took a nap under a fig tree! Nice right? Then I decided to go on another adventure so I took a ferry over to see the famous Luna Park – it is a vintage theme park that first opened in 1935 and has since been restored and is kind of just magical! Entrance into the park is free and the gate is iconic here in Aus, I’ve seen it on TV in ads and referenced in their shows. I got an ice cream and just wandered around the whole park soaking up all the energy and excitement from all the kids there! There are several rides, most pretty old-school, and there are heaps of games and places to buy classic park food! Mmmm! Worth the venture over just to feel like a kid again!!

I’ve been so blessed to have met and made friends with such lovely people too! I’m staying with such a fun family (they were away on holidays when I got sick L) and they’ve been showing me the ropes and helping me find my way around and a doctor! I can’t wait to feel better and finally get to go out and explore more of Sydney and meet some more new friends! Stay tuned for more fun adventures and hopefully soon a full recovery from this lame tonsillitis!



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