Today’s Theme is “Theme-parks”

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So how lucky am I that not only have I had the best weather possible for the majority of my stay, BUT I’ve had the chance to visit most of the theme parks here on the GC?? When I first got here they had this sweet deal for VIP passes where you get unlimited access to Movie World, Sea World AND Wet & Wild!! Over the last month I’ve been able to visit them and just this past week I finally made it to Wet & Wild! It has been a blast and even though roller coasters scare me to death, or at least into fits of silent-terror-filled screaming, I have enjoyed every single minute! AND I am pleased to announce that I have been on every single ride these theme-parks have to offer at least once!!

Movie World was the first one we visited and it was one of the most fun days I’ve had EVER! We went on every single ride they had (except one that wasn’t open to the public yet, but we’re going to hit that one up next time), even the little kiddy ridesJ. We ate heaps of rubbish and sugar, I’m talking Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream in FRECKLE cones (chocolate dipped in sprinkles – BEST invention EVER!), non-stop frozen cokes etc…. Plus we got to see all the shows they have to offer (my favourite was the Stunt Car show) and we got to be a part of the parade they throw down Main Street!! I felt like a kid again! I even got to meet some of my favourite characters!! But the highlight was probably the Superman ride – it was the fastest and scariest most fun ride I’ve ever been on, hands down! It went from 0-100KM/H in 2 SECONDS – No exaggeration! It has such a steep drop too and then goes upside down, when it finally stops you have to remind yourself to breath….seriously I’m doing such a bad job explaining it but really there is no way to explain it, you just have to see for yourself!

Sea World was one of my favourites because it brought me back to all those times I went as I kid, and I absolutely LOVE dolphins 7 penguins! Who doesn’t really? We spent the day there wandering through all the exhibits and shows, the best one of course is the dolphin show! It was breath-taking, absolutely magical! I even got to meet one of the dolphins and go in the water to pet her! She was absolutely beautiful! The other fun show was the jet-ski show, that looked like heaps of fun and I couldn’t help but be a bit envious of their jobs! Another highlight of the day was the rides, they have 2 roller-coasters and my favourite was the Jet-ski Rescue – it goes super fast and is so FUN! We must have gone on it easily half a dozen times because there was no line-up!

Wet & Wild was heaps of fun! We took my friend’s niece with us and made a day of it! We went on all the major rides including one called the Aqua Loop, those of you from here know what that is but I’ll explain for those who don’t – so this ride is CRAZY! First of all you have to wear this board on your back called an Aqua Pack which helps you go through the ride faster, then you go up a million stairs to stand inside this tube with your arms and legs crossed and…wait for it…the floor drops out from under you letting you free fall inside the tube getting enough acceleration to propel you up and over the loop and out! It is seriously INSANE and one of the scariest and best rushes ever!!! They also have a heated wave pool so in-between all the rides we went for a swim – BEST DAY EVER!

So anyways, now that I’ve done all the parks I can’t wait to go do them all again!! There is also Dream World and Water World that I have yet to discover so stay tuned for those adventures!!



Nic & I on the ESCAPE! Look at the back….

Me & Chazzy!

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