Life is SWELL

This past week has been great!! I started it off with some stand up paddle boarding, no Monday-itis for me! I’m telling you, it is quite possibly one of the best ways to start you day! It was my first time giving it a go and once I got the hang of it, it was so fun and relaxing! Balancing is easier than you think too. Although when the first boat went by and a swarm of jelly fish surrounded me I nearly lost my center! But thankfully I didn’t fall in, and after a bit of stress with all the jellies I found out that they are not normally from here and are harmless as they don’t have any real stingers! Phew!! It was the most perfect morning too, warm and sunny with a nice easy breeze, gorgeous surroundings up the creek to the ocean and just when you start to tire you can pull up on the beach for a quick rest in the sand! The whole time I kept thinking, is this really my life? Am I really here paddle boarding in AUSTRALIA?? I feel so unbelievably blessed to be here and to be able to try so many new things. I’ll definitely be going again, next time I think we’ll try the picnic package!! You do get hungry! And it’s such a great work out for your arms and core! TRY IT! I guarantee you’ll love it!

We also fit in some local sights and even got to go to Swell. Here on the GC they have this sculpture event every year on the beach in Currumbin called Swell. It is pretty sweet, they have local artists submit their sculptures and they are on display for everyone to see on the beach, and if you like it enough you can even purchase the sculpture. There were so many amazing pieces, ones that made you stop and think and some that just made you laugh! I could have spent hours going back and forth to each one taking pictures from every angle if I’d had the time. They also had live music and meet & talks with the artists AND it was all free! Magic words right? Plus there was a local surf comp at the same time so 2 free shows in the most perfect weather, not too hot and just enough of a breeze what more could you ask for?? We also went up and climbed Elephant Rock, it’s this large rock in the shape of an elephant, although now it’s pretty hard to make out its shape – you have to squint your eyes and use your imagination. BUT the views from the top are gorgeous! I can’t get over the beaches here. They are soooooo beautiful! The sand is so white and fine, the water is so blue-green and there are so many different types of palm trees and sea life! So different from home, where the beaches are mostly rocky and the sand is brownish, the water is a blue-grey and there are no palm trees – all beautiful as well in its own way surrounded by the Mountains, but different! I am so blessed that I get to see this amazing landscape on the other side of the world, to experience all the sounds and smells that go along with it. To realize how big and small this amazing  world really is!


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