All about BB on the GC

Life here on the GC (Gold Coast) is so much like its nickname! It’s laid back and chill, and time seems to stand still and move quickly all at once! Everyone seems to be that way too, taking it easy and yet trying to fit in as much as they possibly can in a day! It’s funny how here in Aus they shorten everything and are super quick to give someone or something a nickname. Like here where I’m staying in Broad Beach it’s either BB or Broady, Brisbane is Brissy or Brisvegas, and like I said earlier they call several sports Footy! And weirder yet is how everyone knows these names and what they mean, it’s like a secret club and I’m finally starting to feel included! Haha I mean I better be getting it by now since it’s already almost been a month since I’ve arrived!

Wow, a month! I have to admit I wasn’t sure how it would work transitioning from holiday mode to everyday work, but I’ve come into a pretty good routine and feel in some ways as if I’ve always been here. I feel motivated and inspired! I am in LOVE with being this close to the beach!! I feel like I am surrounded by water, on one side I have the Ocean and on the other side I have canals and that suits me just fine! It’s gorgeous! I’m learning to just stop and relax, instead of constantly going and going. I’m appreciating where I am at in more ways than one. I go to the beach daily, just to get centered; there has always been something about the ocean that calls to me. That reminds me to breath at a steadier pace, and more importantly reminds me that everything and everyone in this crazy world was created and has a purpose.

In some ways I feel like the ocean represents life. It changes quickly – minute by minute, hourly, daily; it can be beautiful and colourful and full of hope and promise, and then it can be dark and stormy and grey knocking down anything in its path. It is constant, always in motion even if I am standing still, and it is always there always present even if I am not. This struck me because it is so true, life doesn’t wait for us to check back in, it moves on and we have to CHOSE to be present. To take it and use the gifts we were given and to trust in God that He is in control, we are not. This is a relief and also a struggle for me! The ocean ebbs and flows, it has high tides and low tides – its ups and downs but they don’t last, they promise relief with each new day. AND best of all it is full of surprises, you never know what will wash up on the shore and that is worth waiting for. It is worth being present and on the lookout for what is next and what life has in store for you!

So I didn’t intend to go all D&M (Deep & Meaningful) on you, but it just came out! I guess that’s just what I’ve been reflecting on this week! So go out there and be present with today, don’t dwell on the past or worry about tomorrow, but simply accept where you are now and find joy in it. It’s there!




2 thoughts on “All about BB on the GC

  1. Thanks! I’m still new at this and often forget to check for comments! I mainly advertise through Facebook, and then by adding categories and tags to each post. Hope that helps! Good Luck 🙂

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