I’ll have a ‘Flat White’…

So I survived the insanely long flight to Australia, thanks to some Benadryl I slept for almost half the flight! The other half was spent watching movies and eating everything the stewardess gave me! By hour 9 I was thinking ‘wow this isn’t so bad!’ and by hour 12 I was thinking ‘please get me outta here!’ when we finally touched down I was so glad to on land and off that plane!! Only to have to make my way through immigration and get on another plane from Sydney to Brisbane!
Over all I’d do it again in a heartbeat! I’ve met some really great people and have been having a blast being a tourist/foreigner for once. The last week has been full of fun activities, trying new things and learning all the lingo! Did you know that they don’t serve drip coffee anywhere?? That when you order a coffee it has to be a specialty coffee?? I bet you didn’t! Neither did I when out for breakie, I ALWAYS have coffee with breakfast, in fact my breakfast usually consists mostly of coffee, so when asked what I’d like to drink I said coffee…when asked what kind I said regular…when looked at like I was insane or confused I looked to friends for help. What kind of coffee do you have in Australia? Geez, what had I gotten myself into?! You do have coffee don’t you?? Luckily I had interpreters and quickly discovered that a ‘Flat White’ was for me, it’s pretty much like a latte but without flavoring so not too sweet…but you only get one! This was my first realization that I’m not in Kansas anymore. The next one hit when asked how I like my eggs…I of course said over medium. Again I got the ‘you must be from mars’ look and so I said how do you make them here in Australia? So my options were fried, scrambled or poached…so for anyone who hasn’t been here now you know how to order your coffee and your eggs, so you’re pretty much set!
Another thing that I noticed that is completely different from home are the amount of birds they have here, there are so many different kinds and so many different sounds and they’re everywhere!! Not like at home where we have about 3 – crows, pigeons and seagulls! It just feels a bit wilder here, which is fitting really! I’m really loving it here! Can’t wait to explore more areas and check out all there is to see! I can’t believe it’s only been a little over a week and I’ve seen whales, dolphins, koalas, fed kangaroos, milked a cow, sheared a sheep, learned how to make bush tea, had a real barby with rissoles (meat patties) and kebabs, been to some theme parks AND that I get to go to the beach every day!! Life pretty much just rocks! Stay tuned for some more adventures!!

Pub Lunch @ Dumbulgum – Had my first meat pie of the trip!

The littlest Lighthouse in the WORLD! @ Fingal

The View from beyond the Fingal Light House!!

@ Paradise Country feeding the Kangaroos!

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