Checking Out

So I’m FINALLY on my way to Australia! I’m off to a good start too my luggage was overweight AND my flight’s been delayed by an hour!! BUT I’m not going to let this ruin my night, oh no because YVR has free WI-fi! THANK GOD!! I’m soooooooo EXCITED! I can’t believe that after 2 years of saving and planning I’m actually going to be in Australia within 24 hours!

While I’m super psyched I can’t help but feel a bit of nerves, a bit of wow I’m going to miss my family and my dogs! I’m sitting here waiting for the plane to load and I have about 2 hours to go, 2 hours before I begin an amazing adventure….and I can’t stop thinking about my last meal at my favorite restaurant Sal y Limon, they make the BEST TACOS I’ve had in Vancouver and that’s saying a lot since I’ve tried just about every Mexican restaurant in town! Plus they make my favorite Mexican treat, Bunuelos! These are the most delicious dessert, fried tortillas covered in Cinnamon and Sugar! Mmmmm! I’m getting hungry JUST thinking about them!

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Also I can’t stop thinking about the last conversation I had with my mom, and how she said this trip will be the trip of a life time and it will change me for the better, she said ‘God is going to be with you and He will bless you! This trip is a gift!’ and then she quickly shushed me so she wouldn’t miss any of her Spanish soap-opera ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’, ya that’s my mom! Quick with the encouragement and then quick with the ‘don’t interrupt my story!’. I’m gonna miss that! Haha! So as I sit here waiting for the trip of a Life time, I begin to feel a calm take over, because she is right (as usual!) and I don’t have to be afraid or anxious. I am ready. I am also watching the next episode of ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’ on the free WI-fi!

Stay tuned for some more stories and pictures of this crazy Adventure! And if you think of it, pray for me! Thanks heaps in advance!

Much love,


8 thoughts on “Checking Out

  1. Naphtali, I can’t believe you are already (almost!) On your way! I will pray for you tonite as you fly out of Canada + as you travel down under. I look forward to seeing your photos + reading your blog postings!! I was going to ask you for KOALA and KANGAROO shots lol, I will watch for one. Have the time of your life + enjoy Christmas in the summertime 🙂

    • Thanks so much Tia! I really appreciate it! I will absolutely take some koala and kangaroo shots for you! Give the kids hugs for me and tell your mom I say hi! I miss her!

  2. Awesome Blog already Naph!! Fits you perfectly! Great name and colours…..and amazing pics!!! Love your style! No fear! Onward you go!! Lots of love and fun with prayers and thanksgiving for you and your adventure!
    xoxo Kezia

    • Thanks Kezia! I’m still learning how to use this thing and trying to find the time to write and take pictures! It’s hard work and discipline to make yourself share each week! But I’m having a BLAST here in Aus! I just absolutely LOVE it!!

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