Life OUTSIDE my comfort zone…


OK, so it’s been about a week since I started this blog, and already I feel behind in posting. With all the blogs out there and all the information on the web it’s a bit overwhelming to know where to start, how often should I post and what should I post….these thoughts and more have been swimming in my head for the past week. This is all so new to me that I feel a bit like I’ve just jumped into the deep end forgetting I don’t know how to swim, and now that the realization has hit me I’m already in too far! No turning back! So please bear with me as I wade through these waters, as I venture in and learn to ‘swim’.

The purpose of this blog is really just to share my thoughts and ideas through words and photos. I also wanted to share some of my traveling experiences while I’m in Australia with my friends and family – I leave in exactly 6 sleeps! CRAZY!! I’ll be living there on a working holiday for 4 months, so get ready for some fun adventures and new challenges as I explore new cities and make new friends along the way! I think I will be posting once a week, as this will give me time to write and put together my photos for each post, and it will establish a routine…something that has always been a challenge for me to stick to (shout out to all my peeps who are ‘free floaters’ and lack discipline! You know what I’m talking about!), plus it’ll save you from daily ramblings as I figure this all out!

All that said I’m excited to try something new, to challenge myself and start living outside my comfort zone! After all isn’t that where we grow and change and learn? Isn’t that the point of this crazy beautiful life? To push ourselves through life’s challenges, to make mistakes and get back up again! So here’s to learning new things, here’s to new beginnings and here’s to NO TURNING BACK!



Photos of me taken by Traci Bast


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